As a reward to my fans, the first book in my werewolf series, Lycan Legacy – Prey, is now available for free!


The book is available through multiple channels. You can choose your favorite from the list below.

Lycan Legacy – Prey – Prolificworks – This link is for the Prolificworks download version. Email opt-in is required.

Lycan Legacy – Prey – Amazon – This is a link to the Amazon version.

Lycan Legacy – Prey – Kobo – This is a link to the Kobo version.

Lycan Legacy – Prey – Google Play – This is a link to the Google Play version.

Here's a link to a promo I joined for FREE Shifter Books! There's some great reading here to tide you over those cold winter nights:

Free Shifter Books Promo

Since there's a lot of crossover between shifter books and Urban Fantasy, I also joined a promo group for UF. Some of my favorite UF authors are here. Check out the promo:

Urban Fantasy Promo

Of course, romance is important to me (and my characters). My werewolf books started out as Paranormal Romance, then shifted over to Urban Fantasy. I still have a strong romantic theme running through my books. For romance enthusiasts, here is a promo for: